salon2Thai massage Changpet
It offers authentic Thai massage at had settled space.
Thai massage Chanpe is a small shop in a renovated apartment building , but massage has three rooms offer a type of private room that is received without caring even if the need is other customers.
Please enjoy the treatment in the space where the mind and body can relax.


Shop Thai massage Chanpe
Tel 03-3738-8425
Address Taniguchi habitation #1002, 5-39-4 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0052
Access 1-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line “Kamata” station east exit.
And you go to the right,you can see the Mizuho Bank in the right side.
There is a convenience store and as it is straight.
The 10 floor of the building is the our shop.
Business hours Open: 12:00 pm
Close: 2:00 am
7 days a week

Thai massage


Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage has been referred to as the ” most pleasant massage in the world”.
Traditional Thai massage is includes elements of the stretch to bend and stretch the limbs as well as the operation of massage by finger pressure in traditional Thai massage.
This massage is very a relaxing effect for performing over the combined slowly enough time to breath.
The energy lines of the body , called “Sen” stimulated with fingers or elbow , knee , plantar stretch , and be to the activation of the blood circulation and body , you can expect the effect of increasing the natural healing power.